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Mainistir Shruthla – The Abbey by The Stream

Abbeyshrule, an ancient heritage village rich in history, is surrounded by the waters of the River Inny and the Royal Canal and their impressive stone bridges. Unique to the village is the fact that three ancient bridges provide a walkway into an equally ancient settlement originating from the Cistercian Abbey which para- doxically sits outside of the village triangle of ‘bridge-ways’. The River Inny and the Royal Canal waterways marry at the historical aqueduct. Both waterways travel side by side a short two miles when just south of Abbeyshrule village they go their separate ways.

Effort & Involvement

There is excellent voluntary co-operation from our community. From September to February Abbeyshrule Tidy Villages Committee meets every three weeks and then every week from March onwards . All meetings are noted and work to be carried out before the next meeting agreed upon by the committee members. Each meeting looks at identifying the action plan tasks, progress updates, planning future projects and engaging with agencies and other organisations e.g. Longford County Council, Longford Community Resources & Waterways Ireland.

The committee identify the skills and expertise within the group each year and assign tasks accordingly. Working to the strengths of each individual in the group, we hope to maximise our resources and personal satisfaction for everyone who engages in Abbeyshrule Tidy Villages work.

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