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Permanent Planting

Abbeyshrule’s policy in designing or changing landscapes is to provide attractive, low maintenance and sustainable designs which improve the appearance of the area.

Ireland had two severe winters in 2009 and 2010 which killed a large number of trees, plants and shrubs within our communities. Our native species all survived and it has been our policy to plant more native species and hardy shrubs or perennials. This will also help our native biodiversity of flora and fauna that is linked to the surrounding environment.

We have recently employed a Forestry consultant to conduct a tree survey for all public trees within our village. He has completed a report with a number of recommendations. This has helped to form our current tree policy and action plan; helping us to preserve and improve how we are caring for our trees i.e. cutting ivy at the base of all trees, felling certain trees and removing weeds by hand at the base of our trees instead of using strimmers etc.

We also have adopted a policy of promoting a ban on hedge cutting during the nesting season (between Feburary and September). This promotion is advertised in the local church bulletin, community newsletters and by writing to a number of landowners.

While shaping the landscape and bearing fruit, the permanent planting also positively affects air flow, soil water, and makes a difference to the native habitats. The permanent living features of a village influence it.

The relative positions of permanent planting can be critical. One tree alone might flourish, but adding another close by or even elsewhere, or creating a new hedge, might upset it.

Therefore we believe it is best to plan first on paper. No matter how laborious this might seem, it is not nearly as inconvenient as correcting ill-considered planting.

Seasonal Planting

The first sign of Spring in Abbeyshrule is the many snowdrops that raise their delicate heads on the grounds of the local cemeteries. Abbeyshrule bursts into bloom in Summer with our signature red Begonias at the entrance to our village signs. The Rustic Inn displays thematic hanging baskets of Begonias, white trailing Perunias and Becopa. Traditional to the village seasonal planting area the twenty or more half barrell planters, overflowing with non-stop and trailing Begonias, red Geraniums and Becopa (snowflake). This year we have introduced twenty 3ft Tuscany window boxes for summer bedding. These window boxes are supported by cast iron holders and mounted on the walls and railings. Continuing the summer theme for the village, these window boxes display colourful yellow, orange and red Begonias complimenting the planters.

Annual village planters and hanging baskets have been planted with organic compost from our community composting facility. Weeds are removed by hand by a number of people on the committee who are assigned to this task. No chemical sprays are used to remove weeds in Abbeyshrule.

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