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Our village and its surrounds has a wealth of attractive landscape with the River Inny, Royal Canal, Stone Bridges, Cistercian Abbey, Our Lady of Lourdes Church, Airfield, Bogs and surrounding Woodlands.

There are many walkways of different lengths and some cater for disabled and push-chairs users. Our walkways include the Royal Canal Way, Bog Walk, walks through Woodlands and the new River Inny Walk.

It is our policy to encourage the protection and planting of native perennials, shrubs and trees to encourage our natural biodiversity so that our flora and fauna can flourish in their natural environment, including protected areas located within our village. It is our intention to provide for new public spaces i.e. playground for all ages, river walks and extending existing canal walks. We also strive to protect and improve our existing open public spaces and their existing attractiveness and accessibility to the public.

The Abbey itself has also recently had works carried out under the direction and supervision of Longford County Council. Funding was provided by the Heritage Council and Longford County Council. Waterways Ireland has been maintaining the Canal and the River Inny to a high standard and has carried out a major infrastructural project at Webb’s Bridge enabling tourists to travel as far as the River Shannon.

The long term objectives for cherishing and enhancing our landscape rest in the co-operation and support we receive from Waterways Ireland, various funding agencies, the Local Authority and indeed the community. We will continue to work closely with all relevant bodies to further enhance our public realm. We will do so by identifying how the protected areas, buildings, streetscapes and our waterways are currently serving the village and how they can be improved for the wider benefit of Abbeyshrule as a whole. For example, how can visitors be encouraged to explore the area and lengthen their stay, and how the public realm can provide a context in which new development can be incorporated in a positive fashion.

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